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Global Domains International Scam ... or Money Making Opportunities?

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Global Domains International inc also known as GDI has exclusive license agreement to distribute the dot WS domains (.WS) which is their main offer to customers.

But GDI has actually developed a Multi Level Marketing Strategy to distribute and market these domains. The strategy has worked well which offers huge potential incomes to members with minimum work and technical knowledge of the internet.

The GDI system actually combines multi - level - marketing (network marketing) with internet marketing which I think is pure genius. Robert Allen of “Multiple Streams of Income” actually stated in his book that “network marketing” and “internet marketing” are two profitable and easy streams of income. Now Global Domains International actually combined these two streams into one allowing members to participate in network marketing with internet marketing on complete automation.


Global Domains International or GDI is a "Top 50" Inc500 Listed Company

The beauty of the GDI system is that there is actually NO selling on your part. The video presentations GDI provided are pursuasive enough and will actually sell for you. All you need to do is to direct people to watch the videos. You can do so manually or use the automatic inviter system from GDI provided.

And best thing of all, it is the cheapest network marketing and internet marketing business venture you can ever find with potential highest return on investment. You can check out using the calculator provided below. According to calculations, if you can find 5 people and the 5 people in turn finds 5 people, you have a potential earnings of $3.905 per month ! Now that's the power of network marketing and I am sure you will agree that with an investment of only $10 a month which is just 33 cents a day (cost of a phone call), you will never find another income opportunity with this kind of low risk and high returns.

Now, will the product sells? We know that the internet has become an important part of our lives, and I cant stress enough that in time (maximum 5 years from now) everyone will need a domain name, a website and a personal email address. With dot coms all running out, the only good alternative is dot WS (WS stands for website). The videos explain really well. Enter your name to view the customized video presentation.


Ok, so is Global Domains International a Scam?


Would you call Amway, Nu Skin and all the multi level companies out there a scam? These companies including Global Domains International are built on the same business model - network marketing. The only difference is that GDI is cheaper and easier to start. Since GDI is online based, you are open to unlimited international market that you can start operating from your home.

The GDI system is on automation over the internet, without any target purchase or minimum stock level since GDI offers digital products and services, there is no need to stock.

When you invest in GDI at merely $10 a month, you also get a domain name, a website, site builder, email addresses and not to mention the income opportunity plus advance email systems they provide you to manage your downlines.

Some, may argue that you can get domains at $9.95 a year and hosting for $3.95 a month . But do not forget that you are not provided with a residual income building opportunity that pays you every month.

Hey, you may also wonder, GDI only pays $1 per signups. Could it worth your effort at all? Don't forget GDI pays you on 5 levels and there is no limit for any of your levels! Try out the potential income with the calculator below to see the potential and hey! You only need 10 signups in any of the 5 levels to break even! :)

Income Calculator

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Turnkey Business on Automation

By the way, you are also given 3 Turnkey Income Building Websites instantly with your name already embedded to start your GDI business. How easy is that! You dont even need to learn a single HTML to start with! Check out the three websites provided:

1. Global Domain International Website

2. Freedom Website

3. GDI Flash Presentation

In the members area, you can check out your uplines and downlines, your earnings and top earners!

More Weekly Bonuses

There is also a weekly competition with bonuses of up to $800 for top referers. Check out this screenshot taken from the members area. Remember, these are not net earnings of the referrers but are their BONUS for the WEEK for recruiting 1 level of downlines! Imagine if all 5 levels can do the same! Did you notice my name "Chandra Iwan" in the weekly bonus winner? You will learn how to win these weekly bonuses from my blueprint :)

gdi leaderboard

Can you see that Asia (Thailand) is catching up! You have the world to market to and you will be surprised your downlines can come from anywhere!

OK, does GDI actually pays?

Definitely! You can choose to be paid via cheque or PayPal.

In conclusion, is Global Domain International a Scam?


a BIG NO! is the answer...

In addition, to support this, you can see that GDI also accepts PayPal as payment method and will even send payments to your own PayPal account. With that, you can be absolutely sure that GDI is NOT a Scam since (owned by eBay) is very strict on the merchants they partner with.

Global Domains International Inc is also a member of the Direct Selling Association for ethics, trust and confidence.

direct selling association

The Association’s mission is “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.”


Dont forget you are also entitled to a 7 days FREE Trial! So you have no risk to try out GDI.

1000s of people worldwide are earning quiet fortunes, from their homes, even while they sleep. Are you next?


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